At Clean Sweep, we use green products whenever possible to help maintain a healthy environment for our valued customers. Below is a list of the services that we offer. Give us a call at (720) 280-6068 to get a free estimate!

Standard Cleanings Offered


• Weekly

• Bi-Weekly

• Monthly

• One Time

• Moving Out

General - All flooring swept and mopped; carpets vacuumed. Debris around furniture, walls and corners of floors is removed.

Bathrooms - Sinks, toilets (including surrounding walls, floor/general area) and mirrors are sprayed and cleaned. Light switch outlets (dusted and wiped down). Showers/tubs (including frames and edges) are cleaned.

Bedrooms - Furniture, bed posts, books and shelving are dusted.

Kitchen - All counter surfaces cleared, cleaned and rearranged properly and neatly. Appliances wiped down.

Mud Rooms/Laundry Rooms - Dusted, wiped down. Floors are swept and mopped.

Dusting - Ceiling fans, light fixtures, pictures, frames, baseboards, door panels (and frames), staircases (and railings),  fireplaces (and surroundings), knick knacks, decor, and blinds are all dusted.

Windows - Inside windows cleaned (including prints, smudges; frames and window sills dusted.)

Trash - Containers emptied and trash is removed from the house.

*As part of our new policy to help maximize detail, removal of bulky items and boxes incur an extra charge.


Deep Cleaning / Organization

Detailing - Bathroom, office and storage cabinets.  Kitchen appliances, shelving and outside cabinets.

Closets - Floors, baseboards, inside doors, along with organization of clothes, etc.

Bath/Shower Areas - Deeper and more thorough scrubbing. Grout along floors cleaned.

Furniture - Detail cleaning of pieces. Under the beds and furniture vacuumed. 

Decor - Pictures, frames, knick knacks and hanging/regular decor hand cleaned.

Inside Windows - Hand cleaning for tracks, frames and windows sills.

Sliding Glass Doors - Tracks and thresholds cleaned.

Fans/Light Fixtures/Fireplaces (and surrounding areas) - Hand cleaned.

Walls - Wiped clean.

Special Services

Bedroom Closets/ Dresser Drawers - Organization, refolding clothes and making things flow better.

Kitchen Cabinets/Junk Drawers -Rearranging and thorough organization.

Closets (throughout the home) - Organization and cleaning.

Pantries/Other - Cleaning out and arranging.

* We offer a free bid for any additional services.

Full Service List

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